Cologne & Tradition

Kölsch - A tribute to Cologne

Cologne cathedral and the river Rhine

Cologne people are very special and the same applies to their beer. The Cologne brewery tradition goes back to 874 and in and around Cologne you are really spoilt for choice of all the brew houses. However, all of them are more than well-frequented.

But what is Kölsch about? Kölsch is a top fermented beer, brisk and refreshing with a hoppy dry finish; light golden coloured with a good lasting head.

It is traditionally served in a 0.2 l „Kölsch-Stange“ which might be considered small in comparison to other beer glasses. However, drink up quickly and order a new one – it’s  always fresh!

Besides their love to Kölsch, Cologne people are very traditional. They love their town and their Cologne Cathedral which you can find in any way, shape or form, even „Kölsch-Stangen“ with the beloved Cathedral.

The Cologne Constitution (Kölsche Grundgesetz):

They are slightly fatalistic by nature, with a healthy degree of optimism and equally equipped with a healthy portion of skepticism for all that is too modern. Their attitude to life is truly summarized in the Cologne Constitution (Kölsche Grundgesetz):


§ 1 Et es wie et es
It is like it is – That’s life, face up to the facts.

§ 2 Et kütt wie et kütt
Whatever will be will be – Don’t be afraid for the future.

§ 3 Et hät noch immer joot jejange
It has always worked out – Learn from the past.

§ 4 Wat fott es, es fott
Whatever is gone is gone – Live with this and stop complaining.

§ 5 Et bliev nix wie et wor
Nothing remains as it was – Be open-minded to the new and unknown.

§ 6 Kenne mer nit, bruche mer nit, fott domet
What we don´t know, we don´t need, be gone - Be critical, when improvements gain the upper hand.

§ 7 Wat wells de maache?
Whatever will you do? – This is done and you can’t change anything.

§ 8 Maach et joot, ävver nit zo off
Fare well, but not too often – Take care of your health.

§ 9 Wat soll dä Käu?
What the heck is with that? – What is the problem?

§ 10 Drinkste ene met?
Join in! Let´s have a drink - Follow the commandment of hospitality.

§ 11 Do laachs de disch kapott
Laugh till you drop - Keep the healthy attitude to humor.

A beer with a health certificate?

It is a fact, that German Beer is brewed at the highest control levels in the world. This matches also for Früh Kölsch. It is a beer with a strict conformity to the German health regulations.


You won't believe?

Check this health certificate!

Health Certificate for Früh Kölsch
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Another Tradition: Carnival

Another tradition is the Cologne Carnival which is not only famous in Cologne and the Rhineland. More and more people from all over the world travel to Cologne for „fiere, danze, laache“ (celebrating, dancing, laughing) – in brief „having fun all together“.


The so-called 5th season starts on November 11, exactly at 11.11 am and has it’s peak nearly 4 months later on Rose Monday with its traditional Shrove Monday procession.


Every Year nearly 2 million people, all of them dressed up with funny (in most cases) costumes, jolly and peaceful celebrating Carnival! You’d love it!

And apropos tradition.....copycats, watch out!

The clue is not only in the name! A Kölsch is not like another. And the label Kölsch does not necessarily stand for real Kölsch.

Kölsch is classified in the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) category and with this agricultural products and foodstuffs are closely linked to the geographical area. At least one of the production stages, processing or preparation has to be performed in that area. Following Kölsch is only worthy of its name if it is brewed in our around the Cologne area.