How does it happen ...

... that Früh Kölsch is now available in Hong Kong?

That is a really good question. Overall I've been travelling to Hong Kong for years. Within the last two years the intervalls between my trips got shorter and the duration of the trips longer.


I appreciate the Chinese Cuisine and beer, but after some time and as may be imagined Germans long for German Cuisine and German beer. That in fact is no problem in Hong Kong and hence I always was and still am a welcome guest at German pubs.

However, rooted in the Rhineland (Cologne) of Germany one evening I tried to get a Kölsch beer (instead of the usual pils or wheat beer).

But no chance....and first unbelievable to me. Back home in Germany, we started our internet search for Kölsch beer in Hong Kong. Again, no matches found. Pretty quick we came up with the idea of importing the German Kölsch beer from Germany to Hong Kong and have all in and around Hong Kong a share in the fresh and incomparable taste of Kölsch.

Needless to say that we decided for our favourite Kölsch beer Früh. We are very happy and proud that Cölner Hofbräu placed their confidence in us to launch the Früh Kölsch exclusively in the Hong Kong market.

And now it’s your turn. Try our German Früh Kölsch and enjoy the taste!