What is Früh Kölsch about?

Since 1904 and by now in the fifth-generation Früh Kölsch is brewed under the original formulation following the stringent German purity law from 1516. Früh Kölsch is a regional specialty, very delicious and a distinctive to Cologne. The name Kölsch is protected by law: only beers in and around Cologne can bear the name. Früh Kölsch is top fermented, brisk and refreshing with a hoppy dry finish. Further characteristics are the light golden colour with a good lasting head. Früh Kölsch is considered as one of the best Kölsch beers and very famous in Germany and Europe.

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More and more Hong Kong based hotels, popular bars and stores discovered the light and refreshing flavour of this Original German Beer. We listed the most important ones here: find a location to drink Früh Kölsch on our maps >>.

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